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Preamplificator Rotel RC-1572 MKII

Sunetul high-end accesibil incepe cu preamplificatorul Rotel RC-1572MKII care proceseaza sursele analogice si digitale preferate cu o claritate uimitoare si cu o scena naturala.
6.999 Lei 5.199 Lei

Amplificator Rotel RB-1552 MKII

Amplificator de putere stereo, clasa AB
Transformator toroidal custom made in fabrica Rotel
Condensatori de filtraj made in Britain (4 x 10000 yF)
Putere: 2 x 130W, 8 Ohm (20Hz–20kHz)
6.249 Lei 3.999 Lei

Amplificator Rotel RB-1590

The RB-1590 is at the top of its class as a 2 x 350 Watts stereo amplifier with dual toroidal transformers and special slit foil capacitors.
18.749 Lei 11.999 Lei

Amplificator Rotel Michi S5

Amplificatorul stereo Michi S5 livreaza 500W per canal in 8 Ohmi cu cele mai bune performante sonore din clasa sa. Arhitectura dual monoblock este echipata cu doua transformatoare toroidale identice, supradimensionate, plasate in incinte individuale umplute cu epoxy, ce elimina zgomotul si vibratiile.
32.999 Lei 25.999 Lei

Amplificator Rotel A-11 Tribute

A11 Tribute este un amplificator integrat Clasa AB de 50W dezvoltat in parteneriat cu legendarul Ken Ishiwata, ca un tribut al mostenirii sale. Componentele actualizate si reglarea meticuloasa a tuturor circuitelor livreaza o experienta mai bogata, mai expresiva si plina de viata prin intrarile RCA, Bluetooth si Phono Stage-ului Moving Magnet.
3.449 Lei 2.499 Lei

Amplificator Rotel RA-1572 MKII

200W/Ch (4Ω)
120W/Ch (8Ω)
LPCM (Up to 24-bit/192kHz)
USB Audio Class 1 (up to 24-bit/192kHz)
USB Audio Class 2 (up to 24-bit/384kHz)*
*Driver installation required
MQA and MQA Studio (up to 24-bit/384kHz )
Roon Tested
9.499 Lei 7.299 Lei

Amplificator Rotel Michi X3

Amplificatorul integrat Michi X3 livreaza performante audio fara compromis, intr-un design industrial elegant. X3 ofera 350W de putere Clasa AB in 4 Ohmi, mentinand precizia muzicala cu un detaliu acustic exceptional de pe surse de intrare analogice, digitale, PC-USB, aptX Bluetooth si Phono Stage MM.
30.749 Lei

Amplificator Rotel A-10

The A10 is a 40-watt per channel integrated amplifier that will satisfy the audio purist who doesn’t require high power output or digital streaming capability. Its straightforward operation is refreshing and its performance is a pleasure to listen to.
2.499 Lei 1.749 Lei

Amplificator Rotel A-14 MKII

150W/Ch (4Ω)
80W/Ch (8Ω)
Line Level Inputs:10Hz - 100kHz, ±0.5dB
Digital Inputs:10Hz - 90kHz, ±2.0dB, Max
Phono Input:20Hz - 15kHz, ±0.5dB
6.999 Lei 4.999 Lei

Amplificator Rotel RB-1582 MKII

Rotel’s largest stereo amplifier at 200 watts per channel provides the massive current to drive the very largest hi fi systems effortlessly. And like its smaller brother, the RB-1582MKII has been designed to excel at resolving the subtle details in music as well as supplying the brawn required for extremely dynamic passages. It is able to achieve this difficult dual requirement because of the meticulous attention paid to circuit design and parts selection.
9.999 Lei 6.799 Lei

CD Player Rotel CD-11 Tribute

CD Player-ul Rotel CD11 Tribute a fost proiectat cu ajutorul legendarului Ken Ishiwata utilizand o selectie atenta a unor componente ce livreaza un nivel superior de performanta si claritate acustica gata de redarea a peste 200 de milioane de CD-uri vandute in ultimi 30 de ani.
2.749 Lei 1.999 Lei

Receiver Rotel RAP-1580MKII

LPCM (up to 192kHz, 24-bit)
Dolby® Surround, Dolby®
TrueHD, Dolby® Atmos,
DTS-HD Master Audio, DTS:X
Dirac Live LE
200W/Ch (2 channels driven, 4Ω)
140W/Ch (7 channels driven, 4Ω)
135W/Ch (2 channels driven, 8Ω)
100W/Ch (7 channels driven, 8Ω)
23.999 Lei

Amplificator Rotel RA-1592 MKII

350W/Ch (4Ω)
200W/Ch (8Ω)
LPCM (Up to 24-bit/192kHz)
USB Audio Class 1 (up to 24-bit/192kHz)
USB Audio Class 2 (up to 32-bit/384kHz)
*Driver installation required
MQA and MQA Studio (up to 24-bit/384kHz )
Roon Tested
13.499 Lei 10.499 Lei

Preamplificator Rotel RC-1590 MKII

Sistemele audio de referinta merita echipamente pe masura. Preamplificatorul de referinta RC-1590MKII de la Rotel reda sunetul cu o expresivitate naturala, o scena deschisa si cu o claritate dinamica. Sursele analogice, digitale, bluetooth si pickup-urile sunt suportate printr-un proces de reglare acustica proprietar care va invita sa aduceti muzica preferata la viata.
9.749 Lei 7.799 Lei

CD Player Rotel CD-14 MKII

CD14 MKII livreaza o reproducere precisa a CD-urilor cu o claritate uimitoare si cu cele mai subtile detalii. DAC-ul Texas Instruments 32-bit este sustinut de surse de alimentare independente, izoland controalele de circuitele audio sensibile, reducand astfel zgomotul si distorsiunile.
3.999 Lei de la 2.699 Lei

Amplificator Rotel RMB-1585

The RMB-1585, Rotel’s new flagship theater amplifier, provides both the massive power and sonic sophistication required by the finest home theater systems. With five channels, each capable of producing 200 continuous watts each into 8 ohm loads (a full kilowatt of output power!), the RMB-1585 masters any A/V system regardless of speaker load or room size.

Power: 5 X 200 watts (20-20kHz, < 0.03%, 8 ohms):
16.499 Lei 10.499 Lei

Amplificator Rotel RMB-1506

Featuring 6 x 50 watts per channel, the RMB-1506 is a rugged, sophisticated, multichannel amplifier for those with a limited number of zones to fill with music.
6.749 Lei de la 4.499 Lei

Amplificator Rotel Michi M8

Amplificarea fara compromis de pe amplificatorul monobloc Michi M8 livreaza 1080W in 8 Ohmi si 1800W in 4 Ohmi. Arhitectura design-ului asigura o livrare lina, precisa si relaxata a sunetului chiar si pentru cele mai pretentioase boxe in timp ce mentine energia, ritmul si sincronizarea.
32.999 Lei 29.999 Lei

Amplificator Rotel RMB-1512

Amplificator de putere
Putere: 12 x 100W (20-20 kHz, 0.03% THD, 8 ohms)
13.999 Lei 9.799 Lei

Amplificator Rotel RMB-1555

The RMB-1555 is a remarkable multichannel amplifier with power output conservatively rated at 120 watts per channel into 8 ohms (all channels driven!). With all but the most demanding speakers located in extraordinarily large rooms, the RMB-1555 exerts the kind of precise control that presents both nuance and bombast correctly from the faintest flute overtones to the subterranean rumble of an approaching apocalypse.

Putere: 5 X 120 watts (20-20kHz, < 0.03%, 8 ohms)
10.749 Lei 8.499 Lei

Tuner Radio Rotel T-11

The RT-11 offers very high performance reproduction of both FM and DAB+ broadcasts and provides a perfect solution for those who simply need a great sounding radio.
2.399 Lei de la 1.999 Lei

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